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  • The collected diagnostic and therapeutic knowledge of different physicians involved in the treatment process of a patient should be accessible to colleagues. The patient data must be read out completely, securely and without errors.
  • Doctors hand over the responsibility for billing of medical services to their physician network management companies. To do this, the treatment data, which is based on different data models and systems, must be made available in hevos in a uniform way for fee calculation. From there, the billing data is forwarded in a standardized format to the health insurance companies for payment.



  • The slim orchestra solution juno is adapted to the individual requirements of different medical networks.
  • juno translates different data types into a unified format for a standardized data flow.
  • Tailor-made adaptation of juno for the hevos software.
  • Mini PC with installed juno is delivered pre-configured to the connected practices and centrally administered without maintenance effort for the doctors.
  • Patient data is read, transmitted and stored in encrypted form only with individual authorization and to a precisely defined extent.


Logo der henova GmbH

henova GmbH

Schwabmünchen, Deutschland



As an independent eHealth company, henova creates digital solutions for the healthcare sector. The Mini-PC healthhub enables the secure and efficient exchange of patient data.


"In soffico we found a likeable and reliable partner for future-proof projects. Our technologies complement each other perfectly and enable maximum freedom in functionalities and optimal security for the data."


René Steinbach von der henova GmbH

René Steinbach
Managing Director henova GmbH



  • Doctors do not have to change their individual system environment
  • Diagnostics and therapy measures of different medical facilities are coordinated
  • There are no duplicate examinations and incompatibilities are avoided
  • Medical networks reduce their regresses thanks to the centralized administration of billing by the medical network management companies
  • Regular updates are carried out remote via the mini PC without interrupting the doctors’ work
  • Maximum security and protection of sensitive patient data at all times