In 2007 soffico started developing the Orchestra Software. In addition to installations at well-known customers in business and industry sectors, the Orchestra communication server is also used in health care. Since 2016, soffico has been part of the x-tention group maintaining branches in Berlin and Vienna next to their Augsburg headquarters.

Through custom-fit connection of applications and IT systems, Orchestra enables data exchange in real time solving one of the main challenges of digital transformation. The platform is versatile, easy to handle and has the highest data security, while being reliable and highly scalable. With Orchestra and the Orchestra Academy, customers become conductors of their own data.



Geschäftsführung soffico Wenger
Management soffico: Harald Wenger


Geschäftsführung soffico Hafenrichter
Management soffico: Prof. Dr. Bernd Hafenrichter



Geschäftsführung soffico Müller
Management soffico: Thomas Müller



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