Classical training, 
workshops, individual training

Our experienced coaches impart expert knowledge on relevant digital topics in a clear way. Understanding the training participants is very important to us. That's why we proceed step by step and provide practical examples to illustrate the content learned. Our coaches are experts, trainers, scientists and developers all in one. Always with the goal of passing on knowledge.


Icon Orchestra Schulungen für Anwender

For users

Acquire problem-solving skills through best practices to help you realise Orchestra's full potential. Our individual training courses maximise your personal benefit.


Icon Orchestra Schulungen für Anwender

For developers

Expand your in-house competencies with our training courses. Immerse yourself in the development with Orchestra and latest technologies.


Icon Orchestra Schulungen für Strategen

For strategists

The training for all non-technicians. Here focus is clearly on the strategic side. Our coaches convey all the important information.



To the training courses



Let us acknowledge your newly acquired expert skills!


Show your expert knowledge

In our Orchestra academy, you will not only receive expert knowledge - you can also show your newly acquired expert status to others. We will gladly issue  official certificates after successful participation in our training courses.

Expert status serves as a success multiplier - independence, flexibility and agility.