Since 2018, FAKTOR D has been advising companies from healthcare and industry sectors on digital transformation and helping to increase their innovative strength and ability to change. FAKTOR D consultants support their clients' IT and digital organisations in developing digital businesses in the best possible way. FAKTOR D is headquartered in Augsburg and has offices in Berlin and Oberhausen. It was founded in 2018 as x-tention group's management consultancy.

FAKTOR D Consulting focuses on current most important topics of IT-related management consulting: digital and IT strategy, digitalisation and transformation. With their Digital Transformation Business Framework, FAKTOR D contributes a valuable methodology to approach and structure digitalisation projects holistically. Based on this methodology, experienced consultants and project managers help to develop the right IT strategy, plan its implementation and manage resulting transformation programs.

Deciphering and solving complex issues - especially around the human factor - is a passion of the FAKTOR D team. 

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Geschäftsführung FAKTOR D consulting: Dr. Oliver Janzen
Management FAKTOR D consulting: Dr. Oliver Janzen


FAKTOR D consulting GmbH
Karl-Drais-Str. 4e
86159 Augsburg

Phone: +49 821 455 902 100