waveware® is an integrated software solution for Computer-Aided-Facility-Management (CAFM) and maintenance, which can be tailored to your individual needs. The modular structure according to any task focus allows a specific composition, adapted to the requirements in facility management, maintenance, medical technology, materials management and many other areas.

x-tention is a system partner of the software manufacturer Loy & Hutz. This way, decades of experience in software development for facility management are bundled with the comprehensive competence of a leading IT complete solution provider for healthcare and social services.


Flexibly combinable

Based on your wishes and requirements, we can fall back on an extensive collection of software extensions. Due to the modular structure, only software packages that are actually needed in the daily work processes are used. 

There are numerous industry and application packages and each individual package can be customised to meet your specific needs and requirements. These include property management, building management, area management, fault message management, maintenance management in the field of building services, building technology and medical technology as well as the maintenance of industrial and production plants and much more.


Components & packages

With the modular extension packages from waveware® you can compile your individual software solution - depending on your needs.

Extension packages

Choose from over 60 expansion options to find exactly the packages you need for your daily work processes. This way you can supplement the system packages included in the waveware® standard.


waveware® SYSTEM is the central control unit which controls interaction between extension packages, database and clients. The system contains all tables and functions required by database programs.

Client types

waveware® is available on different client types. No matter whether you want to use your PC, laptop or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets - we offer the ideal platform.

Optional tools

Optionally, you can use the interface designer (waveware® DESIGNER) and system construction kit (waveware® CONSTRUCTOR) to make adjustments to the software interface and processes.


Standard package

waveware® contains from the very beginning a multitude of functions and system applications that support your daily tasks.

  • Address management
  • User permissions & roles
  • Order management
  • Evaluation & analysis
  • Back-up & restore
  • CSV interfaces
  • Database
  • Data export
  • Data import
  • Data restrictions
  • Document management
  • Favourites
  • Form generator
  • FM basic catalogues
  • Validities
  • Calendar
  • Filing card system
  • Catalogue system
  • Cost catalogues
  • List generator
  • Multi-data modification
  • Multitasking
  • Navigator
  • Password management
  • PDF compatibility
  • Human resources management
  • Quick search
  • Service coordinator
  • Serial appointments
  • Software architecture
  • History
  • Zooming


Extension packages

With the modular extension packages from waveware® you can compile and continuously expand your individual CAFM software solution. A modular structure enables specific adaptation to the requirements of facility management, maintenance, medical technology, materials management and many other areas. The versatile extension packages can also be combined with each other and can be retrofitted in the live system as required.


"Your requirements are implemented with the waveware® modular system and/or x-tention's own developments. CAFM according to the motto: Can' t be done? Does not exist!"

Your advantages

  • High flexibility
  • Graphical tools
  • Ideal for any type of client
  • Device manager
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Transfer of stocks
  • Legal compliance
  • Granularity of all data
  • Ticket system for fault messages