Safe, time-saving, flexible and self-explanatory

The doctor, the nurse, the orderly – all access patient data from the same workstations. Registering and re-registering at the workstations takes a lot of time. Group accounts are obsolete in times of high data protection requirements. Imprivata offers the solution – it combines the advantages of saving time in user logon, data security, the possibility of workflow definition and simple technical implementation. The combination of these four benefits is unique on the market. So you are absolutely up to date!


Imprivata and x-tention

x-tention is the only implementation partner of Imprivata in Austria – the two companies have a long-standing partnership. With Imprivata OneSign® software solutions and the mature industry know-how of health IT service provider x-tention, the advantages of both services merge into a unique product.


"With imprivata you save up to 45 minutes per shift and employee!"


Modules and funktions

Kiosk mode

Group access to workstations is neither safe nor up to date. Kiosk mode offers the possibility of personalized registration. By using kiosk mode a very fast user change is possible. At the same time a personalized login and therefore traceability in respective applications is fulfilled.

Self-service password management

Self-service password management (SSPW) offers employees a quick, easy and secure way to reset their passwords without calling helpdesk.


Autostart of applications and workflows

Applications and workflows can be automatically started or terminated when a user logs on, based on location and person. The implementation of scripts enables greatest possible flexibility.

Confirm ID

Confirm ID greatly simplifies necessary approval processes for the validation of findings or medication. A prerequisite is the support of this function in respective application.


Authentication management

Authentication management (AM) simplifies and secures access to physical and virtual desktops. Authentication using an ID card or fingerprint automatically inserts the user name and password in respective login window. Two-factor authentication is an additional safeguard in case of ID card loss and is highly recommended.

Fingerprint scanner with vitality detection

Fingerprint scanners with vitality detection are technical authentication devices that users can use as part of their Imprivata OneSign® solution to obtain No Click AccessTM to their desktops and applications. With a simple tap, without entering a username and password, medical facility staff can easily access desktops and applications.


Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies application logon and logoff by automating the entry of user names and passwords for already authenticated users.

OneSign Anywhere

OneSign Anywhere offers a completely location-independent, secure single sign-on authentication. Only requirement is an internet connection to the OneSign Anywhere appliance.


Virtual Desktop Access

Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) enables together with respective manufacturers (Citrix, VM-ware etc.) access to virtual desktops with No Click Access™. Access management for desktops is simplified in such a way that employees only scan their ID cards or fingerprints to access their personal desktops and applications securely and from any location.



Technical implementation

The implementation of Imprivata in existing systems is very uncomplicated. A simple central integration takes place through virtual appliances. Active Directory permissions are read-only, an AD schema extension is not necessary. Since the installation is carried out in a workshop-like manner, internal IT teams can carry out simple administrative tasks up to the creation of an application profile independently straight after implementation.


„Imprivata is the solution for your health facility. We are looking forward to personally convincing you of Imprivata!“

Your advantages

Secure access:

  • By eliminating group accounts, the security of patient data is increased and 100% personalized traceability is guaranteed.
  • The use of complex passwords leads to an increase in corporate security.
  • Memorizing and entering complex passwords is no longer necessary.
  • Additional increase in security through two-factor authentication.

Time saving:

  • Up to 45 minutes time savings per shift and employee - more time for your patients!
  • Fast login and user changes at workstations and in applications lead to more employee satisfaction.

Workflow definitions:

  • Use of Confirm ID.
  • Automated start of personal workflows at the time of registration.
  • Triggering of individual events (execution of policies, starting of scripts) possible due to the distinction of respective workstations and/or employees

Simple technical implementation:

  • Simple administration.
  • Simple central integration through virtual appliances.
  • Active Directory read-only access, no AD schema extension.

Already 1,900 successful installations worldwide.