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2001 gründete Herbert Stöger x-tention mit Sitz in Wels. Durch den Zukauf spezialisierter Partner aus der Softwareentwicklung und IT-Beratung positioniert sich das Unternehmen unter den führenden IT-Dienstleistern der Gesundheitsbranche. Neben Wels und Wien verfügt x-tention in Österreich über die Standorte Graz, St. Peter/Au, Salzburg und Klagenfurt.

Schwerpunkt des eigenen Portfolios sind individuelle Dienstleistungen für Krankenhäuser, Krankenkassen, Leistungserbringer und Patienten. x-tention hilft bei der Entwicklung von Digitalisierungsstrategien, implementiert und betreibt eigene IT-Lösungen und unterstützt seine Kunden mit fachkompetenter Beratung.


Welcome to x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH, Austria

Herbert Stöger founded x-tention, with headquarters in Wels, Austria, in 2001. The company positioned itself as one of the leading IT service providers in the healthcare sector by acquiring specialized partners from software development and IT consulting. In addition to Wels and Vienna, x-tention has other Austrian branches in Graz, St Peter in der Au, Salzburg and Klagenfurt. x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH is the founding company of the x-tention group. The group’s more than 550 staff support over 1,000 customers at 15 locations worldwide. 

Tailored IT solutions for the health and social care system

x-tention’s comprehensive portfolio centres around individual services for hospitals, health insurance companies, service providers and patients. The group helps its customers to develop digitalization strategies, implements and operates its own IT solutions and supports customers with expert consulting. At the heart of the x-tention software portfolio is our complete solution, the Orchestra eHealth Suite. Based on international standards and security functionality, the Orchestra eHealth Suite provides interfaces for cross-institution integration with our clients’ existing solutions.

Herbert Stöger - Wolfgang Pramendorfer
Management x-tention Austria: Herbert Stöger and Wolfgang Pramendorfer

Headquarter of x-tention group:

x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH
Römerstraße 80A
4600 Wels

Phoone: +43 7242 2155
email: office@x-tention.at

You can find the addresses of all locations in the contact section.