eMedic supports the medication process

Since 2004, efficiently combining user-friendliness, transparency and flexible integration into system environments, this software has been developed in close cooperation with partners and always oriented towards practical needs. By providing the right information, eMedic supports physicians in prescribing and enables all parties to provide simple, traceable documentation along the medication process - from admission to discharge.

eMedic Prozess EN


Modular design

eMedic adapts

eMedic consists of modules that can be used individually or in combination. This allows an optimal step-by-step introduction.

  • eMedic Clinic: admission medication, transfer, inpatient medication, work lists, recommended medication
  • eMedic Prescription: prescription module (AT)
  • eMedic MP: medication plan (BMP), medication plan as a service
  • eMedic Info: medication information system based on KHIX (AT), eMedic Info web services


From medication anamnesis to stationary medication

eMedic ensures traceability

Efficient anamnesis of all known medication information about the patient at a glance. Whether from previous stays or from external sources (eMedication, etc).


  • Simple search and entry option from the entire drugs catalogue
  • Structured and flexible recording of dosage and intake
  • Interactions check

A comprehensible transfer to medication available in a hospital is made in the "Transfer" step:

  • Conversion to stored drugs (house list) or generic drugs
  • Automatic conversion based on predefined rules
  • Possibility to integrate AMTS expert systems


Consistency in regulation - preparation - output

eMedic as part of the electronic fever curve

The Stationary Medication module was designed as an electronic image of a paper fever curve:

  • Day-based documentation of prescriptions including dosage, administration route and type of issuing during inpatient stay
  • Prescription of medication sets, from favourites or from the general catalogue
  • Interval planner for determining dose steps etc.
  • Medication documentation as required according to the right of self-determination
  • Documentation of ad-hoc application in the case of oral dispensing
  • Generation of work orders for nursing on basis of regulations for preparation and output
  • Configurable maintenance work lists to map different medication dispensing processes
  • Import of medication from other systems (e.g. PDMS)
  • Possibility to integrate AMTS expert systems
  • Interaction check and much more


Determining discharge medication

eMedic provides overview

Therapy recommendation or "recommended medication" is an essential piece of information for patients or aftercare providers in the medical discharge letter. With eMedic it is very easy for doctors to determine this.

  • Continued (admission medication) and newly initiated therapy at a glance
  • Automated reconversion into already known starting medication
  • Functions and instructions for economic, rule-compliant regulation
  • Simple search, comprehensive drug information and interaction check


Economic regulation simple and convenient

eMedic prescription module (for Austria)

When issuing prescriptions, physicians are required to consider many aspects: in addition to pharmacological ones, these also include economic rules. The basis for provisions on public health service prescription in Austria is the reimbursement code (EKO) - this defines the eligibility for reimbursement and duty of the head physician.

eMedic makes it easy to observe and comply with these regulations:

  • Correct issuing of health insurance, private, substitution and narcotic drug prescriptions
  • Functions and instructions for economic, rule-compliant regulation
  • Determination and notification of the head physician obligation
  • Integrated ABS module
  • Simple follow-up prescription from prescription history and much more


Seamless integration of eMedication

eMedic as eHealth player

A centralized view of medication is often an essential cornerstone in a patient file that spans institutions, carriers or sectors. With eMedic integrated eMedication Service and in combination with our eMed-Connector, medication data can be exchanged between eMedic and an IHE infrastructure.

  • Structured display and direct transfer of medications from a medication list to the admission medication or prescription print
  • CDA generation
  • Possibility connecting to a terminology server
  • IHE compliant communication
  • Mapping of specific use cases (e.g. situational opt-out)


The integrated drug information system based on KHIX2

eMedic Info

With eMedicInfo, we offer an independent eMedic module which provides a clear and comprehensive presentation of the required information, in the sense of a medication information system, as well as a range of extended search and grouping functionalities - based on master data licensed by the customer (KHIX2).


Best possible integration into existing system environments

eMedic - developed to integrate

  • Existing interfaces
  • Transfer of ADT data via HL7
  • Transfer of laboratory values via HL7
  • Export of case regulations via HL7
  • Transfer of allergies via HL7
  • Possibility to import house list or stock
  • Archiving interfaces for short- and long-term archiving
  • REST interface for integrating eMedic without using the eMedic interface
  • Connection to ELGA eMedication
  • Coupling with the Orchestra interface server
  • HIS systems in which eMedic has already been embedded:
    • i.s.h.med
    • Agfa ORBIS
    • Agfa ClinicWare
    • Cerner Soarian Clinicals
    • VIVENDI®
  • Supported master data sets:
    • Master data of Apothekerverlag (Austria)
    • KHIX2, KHIX, Austria Codex, SISX, product directory
    • IFAP data (Germany)
    • MMI, IFAP data (Germany)