Der Hafen Port Patras



  • Implementing EU Directive 65
  • Setting up an IT system that would support planning control
  • Optimizing organizational and IT-relevant processes and data exchange
  • Improving use of the IT system
  • Increasing productivity and reducing operating costs



  • Set up a single point of entry for managing an SOA-based architecture
  • Develop a system to identify disruptive factors in order to increase reliability and stability
  • Configure and transform processes without long-winded programming
  • Develop a role-based app that you can access directly using a web service for controlling production data and monitoring the database
  • Improve data exchange in EDIFACT/XML format


Logo des Port Patras

Port Patras Authority S.A.

Patras, Port


Informations about the company:

Patras is a gateway to Europe and one of the most ultra-modern ports on the Mediterranean. With its infrastructure, state-of-the-art cruise terminal and integrated healthcare, Patras is a high-spec port and then some. Patras Port Authority employs 2,504 members of staff and generates an annual revenue of €12.2 million.




  • Integration of the relevant IT systems and the new PMIS system with Orchestra
  • Full process transparency thanks to centralized data (browser-based collaboration/document management system)
  • Improved communication between the PMIS and external systems
  • Comprehensive end user accreditation and verification
  • Automatic archiving and certification compliance