The Orchestra PRTG Monitoring plug-in integrates the Orchestra communication server with the PRTG monitoring solution from our partners, Paessler AG. The two solutions work together in har-mony, with Orchestra providing valuable data from IT systems and applications, which PRTG moni-tors and maps in connection with all infrastructure components. PRTG provides sensors for Orches-tra's monitoring activities.



Become the conductor of your data!

soffico is an international x-tention group company providing tailored, future-proof software solu-tions. The Orchestra Health Service Bus is a modular, highly integrable platform for connecting all existing applications and building an interoperable system landscape.

It enables agile data exchange in the healthcare sector in over 40 countries.


Monitor. Visualize. Relax.

Paessler’s PRTG software is a powerful and user-friendly monitoring solution that encompasses functionality for recording, saving and evaluating statuses and performance, as well as for sending warnings and publishing data on dashboards and in reports.

More than 300,000 administrators worldwide use PRTG to monitor their server performance, virtual environments and infrastructure.



  • Enable rapid, synchronous exchange of data from all hospital systems, such as HIS, RIS or LIMS, and from medical devices
  • Recognize and report irregularities or malfunctions immediately so they can be rectified be-fore they cause serious problems
  • Provide transparent, flexible communication channels as a basis for advanced analyses
  • Meet high security requirements with regard to sensitive patient data



  • -    Transparent, secure communication within and between medical institutions, using Orchestra as a communications server
  • PRTG allows you to monitor all IT components involved in data transport and processing, including edge devices, the network, IT infrastructure and cloud environments
  • Orchestra and PRTG work together to ensure advanced technical and specialized monitoring of the entire hospital IT


For further information please click here: Orchestra PRTG Monitoring Plug-In

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