XCW helps you implement work processes in line with SAP best practice quickly and easily using standardized workflows.

x-tention has teamed up with Xiting to provide a software solution for your institution’s SAP system. Xiting Central Workflows (XCW) enables you to map processes transparently, while documenting them in line with statutory requirements. The solution comprises user management including role assignments, plus standardized self-services such as automated approval workflows, automatic pass-word reset and unlocking user accounts. XCW offers a well-structured, user-friendly SAP Fiori inter-face that you can tailor to your needs, with no need for additional infrastructure or hardware.

XCW provides:


  • A streamlined solution for user management in SAP systems
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes
  • Audit-compliant and documented user creation and role assignment
  • Critical authorization and SoD checks
  • No need for additional infrastructure or hardware
  • Tailored implementation variants enable you to meet statutory and customer-specific govern-ance, risk and compliance requirements


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