Berlin, 2 June 2022 – Berlin start-up Famedly has secured a total of EUR 2.5 million in fresh capital from a seed financing round. The funding will be used to develop their communication solution into a digital data infrastructure for the healthcare sector. Current investor aQua healthcare Invest in Göttingen is joined by two new investors: Austrian firm x-tention AG, whose company group provides digital products and services for the healthcare sector, and Berlin venture capital investor IBB Ventures. 

Niklas Zender and Dr Phillipp Kurtz began in 2019 with a simple messenger solution (chat, image and document transfer, etc.) for the healthcare sector. The integrated solution now provides added value for its users in healthcare by digitalizing medical workflows. Integrating with the hospital information system reduces the effort required for documentation, while role-based messaging connects you with the right contact person fully automatically. The two doctors’ vision of digitalizing and simplifying data and information exchange in the healthcare sector convinced existing investor aQua healthcare Invest to invest again. ‘We have been very impressed by Niklas Zender and Phillipp Kurtz as founders in the last eighteen months. It was easy to put our faith in the pair going forward,’ says Prof. Dr Joachim Szecsenyi, Managing Director of aQua healthcare Invest.

Looking at current market developments and the new regulatory requirements in the German healthcare market, Christian Seegers, Investment Director at IBB Ventures, confirms the need to take action in the healthcare system, and sees Famedly as an ideal partner who can drive digitalization in the sector. ‘Here in Germany, we’re just starting to get to grips with this. Famedly is an excellent example of how start-ups – particularly in Berlin – are influencing this change in the healthcare sector,’ says Seegers.
Herbert Stöger, Chairman of x-tention AG, feels that the workflows in particular have great potential in the healthcare market. ‘Famedly is the first start-up we’ve invested in. We were impressed by the product, which will find its place in the market in the long term, too, thanks to its interoperability standards and planned compliance with TI Messenger,’ says Stöger, alluding to the increasing connectivity between systems used in hospitals, doctor’s practices, care services and pharmacies. Famedly is already implementing projects with all these stakeholders, and data security is always at the forefront. 

‘We’ll use the investment to continue developing our product and would like to make our messenger fit for gematik’s TI Messenger certification. At the moment we’re working on some big projects and additional workflows that will make day-to-day work a lot easier for medical staff,’ says Niklas Zender, founder of Famedly. ‘This investment is the next step for us in accelerating our growth,’ adds Dr Phillipp Kurtz, his co-founder. ‘Our investors contribute more than just funding. More importantly, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the healthcare sector. We’re delighted to have such great partners.’



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Image 1: (left to right) Prof. Dr Joachim Szecsenyi, Managing Director of aQua healthcare Invest, Herbert Stöger, Chairman of x-tention AG, Niklas Zender and Dr Phillipp Kurtz, Managing Directors of Famedly, Christian Seegers, Investment Director at IBB Ventures.
Image 2: Famedly Managing Directors Dr Phillipp Kurtz (left) and Niklas Zender.