• The merger of x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH with InterCompo-nentWare GmbH reinforces the x-tention group’s position in the German healthcare sector.
  • x-tention Germany employs about 90 staff at its locations in Heidelberg, Berlin and Augsburg.
  • Its portfolio centres around complete IT solutions for the health and social care system, systems integration between hospitals and doctors’ practices, and IT security services.

x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH has merged with InterComponentWare GmbH (ICW). The merger reinforces x-tention’s position as the leading digitalization partner on the German eHealth market. The international x-tention group expanded its portfolio to become a complete solutions provider when it acquired software provider ICW back in 2019. The merger brings x-tention Germany’s headcount to around 90 expert employees at its locations in Heidelberg, Berlin and Augsburg. The previous managing directors, Dr Ralf Brandner (ICW) and Bernhard Kronsteiner (x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH) will now head x-tention Germany together with x-tention founder Herbert Stöger.

Cutting-edge IT technology to digitalize the healthcare sector

Following the merger of the two companies, x-tention Germany’s offerings will now come from a single source. ‘As a complete solutions provider, we support hospitals, doctors and health insurance providers with cutting-edge digitalization solutions, from consulting and software development to implementation and operation,’ says Bernhard Kronsteiner. ‘x-tention Germany has a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, based on its long-standing national and international expertise in the healthcare sector.’

Dr Ralf Brandner adds that, ‘We have put our software products together to form the Orchestra eHealth Suite, a complete solution that has been implemented successfully in integration projects worldwide for many years. In Germany, our current focus is on further developing patient portals for hospitals and integrating with various specialized applications in the telematics infrastructure.’ 

x-tention Germany’s offerings include customized security concepts and services for service providers in critical infrastructures. The company provides external experts to perform key roles such as CISO and data protection officer, and it advises on information security and data protection. x-tention is leading the way with integration in Germany thanks to its extensive portfolio and continuous growth.

From Austrian IT provider to international group

The managing director of the x-tention group, Herbert Stöger, founded the original Austrian company x-tention in 2001 in Wels. x-tention grew from a small IT provider for Upper Austria into an international group of companies with 15 locations in Europe and the US. In 2012 it opened a German national subsidiary with offices in Augsburg and Berlin.
‘Becoming the majority shareholder of ICW in 2019 enabled us to expand our portfolio considerably. This merger is now reinforcing the German subsidiary and creating a foundation for extensive growth. At the same time, x-tention Germany is taking on a more significant role within the group. Our work is increasingly international, which promotes growth in other European and international markets,’ explains Herbert Stöger.

Healthcare expertise since 1998 – ICW in Walldorf

ICW was founded in 1998 with the goal of developing an electronic patient record for health insurance policyholders, making the company one of the pioneers in personal patient records. Since then, the ICW experts have been working on comprehensive software solutions for patients and service providers in the international healthcare market. Their products improve IT-supported collaboration between all stakeholders involved in medical treatment processes, while enabling secure cross-institution communication and processing of healthcare data. Their long-standing expertise and the software they have developed now benefits new projects related to funding scenarios in the German Hospital Future Act (KHZG).