• T-Systems and x-tention join forces in a new partnership
  • Electronic Patient Records in line with all gematik specifications.
  • Customizable off-the-shelf product with additional value-added services


Heidelberg/Frankfurt, 15 July 2022 – T-Systems and x-tention are collaborating, and the new generation of their Electronic Patient Record (ePA) is available now. The solution comprises a complete standard product including cutting-edge desktop and mobile applications. Both companies adapt the ePA to meet the requirements of the various insurance providers. x-tention contributes the back-end solution, while T-Systems provide the channels for interaction and the overall architecture from front end to infrastructure

Health insurance providers have been required to offer their policyholders an Electronic Patient Record since 2021. The ePA makes treatment processes in the healthcare sector more transparent and more efficient. Patients have data sovereignty over their own records and can be more closely involved in treatment processes.
‘Our cooperation combines experience from various areas. T-Systems brings deep knowledge of front-end development and provides a cutting-edge secure cloud computing environment based on a solution by Scontain for the IT operation. The x-tention back end – based on our experience with the ePA over the last few years, including international systems, such as ELGA in Austria – complements it perfectly,’ says Herbert Stöger, founder of the x-tention group. ‘As part of our new partnership we’ll continue to develop the ePA in the coming years. And we have a dedicated product development team with a shared product vision lined up to work on it.’ 

‘For us it’s fundamental that an ePA cannot stand alone but is integrated into health insurance providers’ existing offerings to create a positive, holistic user experience,’ says Gottfried Ludewig, Healthcare Lead at T-Systems. ‘In addition, our expertise in digital identities allows us to make this happen as part of an end-to-end digital process. The ePA from x-tention and T-Systems therefore sets new standards, both for usability and in terms of a secure and data protection-compliant cloud infrastructure.’

Swift and secure ePA
T-Systems’ secure cloud enables you to scale the ePA swiftly and securely, even with large numbers of users, while performance remains stable. Confidential computing based on Intel SGX technology, combined with the Scontain software, ensures that even operators are unable to view the highly sensitive policyholder data. The T-Systems cloud provides the basis for trustworthy execution environments as required by gematik and makes them available as an as-a-service model. Current specifications are already being met, and future requirements can be accommodated quickly and with minimal effort.

T-Systems and x-tention combine their strengths
As one of three ePA record system manufacturers, x-tention is closely involved with the continued development of the Electronic Patient Record and many other areas of the telematics infrastructure. The Heidelberg-based experts have been familiar with the healthcare sector’s IT requirements for over 20 years, and their portfolio includes solutions tailored to meet them. T-Systems has extensive experience of highly professional IT operations in a regulatory environment that is particularly complex. Drawing on this expertise, the cloud specialists at T-Systems deploy the latest technology to continually optimize the solution’s IT security. They have been operating IT systems for several statutory health insurance providers for six years. Barmer recently commissioned Verimi and T-Systems to provide and manage digital identities for 8.7 million customers.

Kooperation T-Systems und x-tention
Image credit: Deutsche Telekom/Getty Images/metamorworks
Image editing: Evelyn Ebert Meneses