The x-tention group, an Austrian IT solution provider with more than 20 years of experience in the European health IT market, is pleased to announce a new partnership with, Fidem Interop, LLC, a leading Independent Sales and Service Organization in the United States. This strategic alliance aims to penetrate the American market by offering an extensive range of products and IT services specifically tailored to hospitals and medical facilities.

Fidem Interop and x-tention will advise American healthcare institutions on the digitalisation of their processes and support the modernisation of the IT infrastructure. In addition to products for interoperable data exchange, such as the x-tention Health Service Bus, the focus is also on patient portals, services for IT Security and secure messengers for doctors and patients.

Transfer patient data flexibly and securely
Today’s healthcare sector requires seamless communication and swift, secure data exchange between service providers involved in the treatment process and their patients, both within and beyond system boundaries.
Using a tool such as the x-tention Health Service Bus opens up numerous options and opportunities when creating your own IT landscape. The Health Service Bus is a modular, highly integrable platform for connecting all existing applications and building an interoperable system landscape. Highly flexible, it allows you to connect new applications in keeping with your requirements while continually optimizing existing systems. Thanks to architecture that is tailored to individual client needs, you can not only map simple interface requirements but also the complex scenarios of a service-oriented architecture. 

The Health Service Bus supports all common communication technologies, such as MLLP, TCP/IP, JDBC, SOAP, REST, DICOM Worklist and TLS certificate-based communication. It also supports standards such as HL7 v2.x, HL7 v3, FHIR, XML and EDIFACT. The Orchestra Designer provides the ideal user interface for the development and test environment, allowing you to develop the interface with almost no coding necessary. This makes it easier to train employees and increases maintainability. The Health Service Bus provides ‘Juno’ for application scenarios where the focus is on keeping resource requirements to a minimum. As Juno does not need an additional database or additional server infrastructure, it is ideal for using as an edge service, for example.

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About Fidem Interop
Fidem Interop, LLC remains dedicated to transforming healthcare by offering interface deployment solutions, bridging legacy systems with modern integration, and implementing automated solutions to improve efficiency and security. By prioritizing patient privacy and data integrity, while staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Fidem Interop continues to deliver optimal solutions for healthcare IT organizations. With a commitment to enhancing healthcare, Fidem Interop, LLC offers a portfolio of healthcare software solutions.
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About x-tention
“IT with care", that's what the x-tention group stands for. x-tention harmonizes and integrates different IT systems in the healthcare sector so that the customers can fully concentrate on their core business. At 18 locations more than 700 employees successfully support all customers in the areas of networking, interoperability, patient portals, cybersecurity, data protection and managed services. For more information, please visit