• x-tention becomes member of IHE Europe on 28 November 2019
  • The company is already a long-standing member of IHE Austria
  • x-tention offers IHE-relevant product with the Orchestra eHealth Suite

Standardizing the exchange of data between IT systems in all hospitals, care institutions and insurers will play a pivotal role in successfully building the healthcare sector of the future, while ensuring sensitive data is kept secure. These are two areas that IHE Europe are working to advance.

x-tention has been a member of IHE Europe, and subsequently its Steering Committee, since 28 November 2019. As a result, x-tention can now take a major role in shaping IHE’s strategy in Europe.

‘Since we were one of the first members of IHE Austria, we’ve been heavily involved in developing standards for the healthcare sector right from the beginning. For example, IHE Austria provides the framework for the technical standardization of the Austrian electronic health record system ELGA,’ explains Benedikt Aichinger, Director of International Alliances & Partnerships at x-tention. He also points out that Austrian stakeholders played a major role in developing the international IHE medication profile.

In this context, x-tention now includes the Orchestra eHealth Suite in its offering, a pioneering product that streamlines the creation and integration of patient records. The software has now been rolled out in numerous institutions across Europe where it is delivering excellent results.

About IHE
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) is a non-profit initiative set up by healthcare experts with the aim of improving interoperability between different IT systems and medical devices.

IHE promotes the use of well-established international standards, such as DICOM and HL7, to optimize processes within hospitals and general medical practices, as well as between different healthcare institutions, relying on the cooperation of users, system implementers and developers to do so. Their efforts have created a comprehensive technical framework to guide the implementation of projects and a range of testing tools for users and manufacturers.

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