Efficient and simple PMD development

Document Structure Modelling (DSM) for i.s.h.med is a tool to support the PMD development process. The tool facilitates creation and development of technical concepts. It automates many tasks which must be performed manually in conventional procedures, and offers extensive support from the concept phase, which later saves a lot of time and effort.

Document Structure Modelling

DSM functions at a glance:

  • Editor with syntax highlighting
  • Use outside SAP
  • Template function and code completion
  • Comment collection and to-do labelling
  • Consistency checks
  • Versioning
  • Shipping option
  • Quick installation


With DSM, modeling is still performed completely outside the i.s.h.med system. The model can be changed and restructured as often as desired without affecting the system. Consistency checks immediately indicate potential errors. Only when the naming conventions and description texts of generated elements meet the project requirements, Data Dictionary elements are generated and transferred to the i.s.h.med system within a very short time.




Your advantages

  • Easier preparation of even complex document types
  • Early detection of technical concept errors
  • Reduced implementation effort
  • Reduced error rate through elimination of manual transfer activities