Deeply integrated view of IHE documents

IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) has become an essential concept for standardised data exchange in the healthcare sector. With our IHE Document Viewer as an add-on to IS-H and, we provide a deeply integrated view of IHE XDS infrastructure in order to display medical documents - in particular findings and physician's letters.

IHE Document Viewer Dokumentenanzeige
IHE Document Viewer document display (German)


The IHE Document Viewer is an add-on that is installed within the SAP NetWeaver system and an Orchestra-based communication scenario. It can be used for all infrastructures that work according to IHE principles (XDS), such as eFA, ePA, ELGA, EPD.

IHE Document Viewer Detaildaten
IHE Document Viewer data detail (German)


Your advantages

  • Deep integration into IS-H and systems
  • The usual SAP GUI functions for sorting, filtering, exporting and adapting the layout are available
  • Document display embedded or in own display program
  • Set up different viewers flexibly
  • Detailed data and metadata of the document can be viewed in a structured way