Do you have an adequate level of information security and data protection?

As part of our health checks, we check your current security or data protection level. We then propose tailored recommendations for action and further measures for you.

The data protection and IT security health checks are available to determine the current level of information security or data protection. These are questionnaires - developed by x-tention - which provide a comparable and manageable high level picture of your security and data protection level.

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1. Analysis

The analysis is carried out in a half-day workshop on your premises together with your contacts from management, IT and data protection. All critical factors regarding information security or data protection are collected and documented in the form of a personal interview.


2. Benchmarking

In addition to compliance requirements, classification of the company's own information security and data protection level in comparison with other comparable institutions is of particular relevance. The current state analysis results are therefore benchmarked. This benchmark reflects current levels of implementation of technical and organisational measures regarding information security and data protection in comparison to more than 200 selected health and social care institutions over the last few years.

Example for healthcheck benchmark (German)


3. Measures

During a management meeting, the results are explained by IT security or data protection experts and discussed with your management team. You will receive clear recommendations for action and measures to immediately reduce possible liability risks and to comply with legal and standard requirements.


  • Compact overview
    A dashboard presentation of the results displaying meaningful diagrams allows you to see your strengths and potential at a glance.
  • Tailor-made recommendations for action
    We provide suggestions for improvement measures that you can implement straight away. This makes it possible to reduce liability risks immediately.
  • Fixed price
    All dates, results and recommendations for action are included in the fixed price. You can either use the result for purely informative purposes or derive and plan further measures from it. You do not need to enter into any further obligations.
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Information security and data protection in health and social care