IS-H Add-on: Patient Contact Tracking 

When a patient is suspected to have COVID-19 or has tested positive, you need to quickly and easily identify other patients with whom they might have been in contact. 

Patient Contact Tracking (PCT) helps you trace patient-to-patient contact. It is typically used to identify possible contact persons who should be tested for easily transmitted infections.

First, the software displays all of the original patient’s movements during a customizable period of time. Drawing on existing data, PCT is able to evaluate any period of time immediately.

After the user has selected stays and treatments where the infection may have been transmitted, the tracking tool looks for other patients who used the same rooms or had contact with the same organizational units at the time in question. The software displays these contacts, and the user can sort or filter the list and export it for further processing.


Patient Contact Tracking (PCT)

Your advantages:

  • PCT uses existing IS-H master data customizing and can therefore evaluate any period of time immediately.
  • The contact list contains comprehensive data on the original patient and possible contact patients and can be exported for further processing.
  • As outpatients are usually on the premises for a little while before and after treatment, you can enter extra time before and after the period in question before running the search.