Modern knowledge transfer on information security and data protection

Without continuous awareness raising and sensitisation of employees, no holistic safety level can be achieved. Therefore, all employees should be trained appropriately at regular intervals.


eLearning platform

In addition to interactive workshops, x-tention provides you with a modern training platform to increase the security awareness of your employees and to provide sustainable knowledge transfer for all topics that are important in your company. The platform can be used as an internal and interactive communication tool aligned for training, decision-makers and employees.


The e-learning courses are easily accessible online and can even be completed from home via internet or on the road via smartphone.


Our eLearning content:

  • Basic information on data protection (GDPR, DPA 2018)
  • Handling passwords
  • Spam and phishing
  • Handling smartphones
  • Ransomware
  • Social engineering
  • Handling mobile data carriers
  • Clear desk

Your advantages

  • Independent of place and time
    Awareness training can be carried out by employees exactly where they are and when they have time, i.e. from home or via smartphone.
  • Less than 5 minutes per month required per employee
    eLearning content is made available at short, regular intervals without interrupting work.
  • No license costs
    There are no license fees for use, since the eLearning platform is based on open source products.
  • No staff resources required for content creation
    Course content is provided by x-tention and is individually adapted to your company. You therefore do not have to spend any time on designing courses.
  • Continuous and practice-oriented awareness training
    Your employees awareness is strengthened by continuous sensitisation and addressing the areas important for you. The awareness courses are practice-oriented and contain many examples as well as numerous tips and tricks for the challenges of everyday business and private life.
  • Operation in the certified x-tention data centre
    The eLearning platform can be operated in the x-tention data centre, which is ISO/IEC 2700:2013 certified. A separate server infrastructure is therefore not necessary.
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Information security and data protection in health and social care