In the future, companies will collect, process and analyse more data than ever before. Database operation will play a fundamental role here, as will performance, availability and an extensive understanding of database management systems and their complex relationships.

The experienced and highly trained experts at our x-tention Database Competence Centre are specialists in this area and can therefore offer the best possible support for the Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL products. We have offered top-level database operation for many years in the shape of our managed database service. We manage thousands of databases for notable clients in Austria and Germany, from small set-ups to large, high-performance systems with top-level availability.

Our Database Competence Centre operates 24/7 to provide the comprehensive service you require. We’d be happy to help you design and plan new database systems, implement migration or lifecycle projects, address acute performance problems or convert to a high-availability database system if the requirements for your application change.

Want to leave your databases in expert hands and free up your own IT resources by enlisting our support or outsourcing everything to us?
If so, we look forward to hearing from you.