Gebäude des Uniklinikum Heiedelberg


  • The Heidelberg University Hospital offers a common, cross-sectorial electronic patient record (the “PEPA”) for its own patients and for patients of cooperating hospitals and practices in the region
  • The PEPA has been one of the first IHE XDS based health information exchanges in Germany
  • Patients can access their clinical data through a Mobile App
  • The PEPA ensures that physicians involved the treatment of a patient can access all necessary documents, images and clinical data created by cooperating hospitals and practices without delay
  • The PEPA has become a central backbone for various cross-enterprise treatment scenarios and is one of the data sources for a country-wide research platform


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Heidelberg University Hospital

Heidelberg, Deutschland

"With ICW, we have found the ideal partner for the implementation of our PEPA (Persönliche Einrichtungsübergreifende Patientenakte [Personal cross-enterprise electronic health record]) to exchange relevant information with cooperating institutions of the Heidelberg University Hospital with the participation of our patients."

Oliver Reinhard,
Head of the Center for Information and Medical Technology (ZIM) in the Heidelberg University Hospital



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Success Story Heidelberg University Hospital