Fahnen mit dem Helios Schriftzug


  • Helios Kliniken is a trailblazer in the digitization of administrative and medical processes across their more than 100 hospitals with more than 100.000 employees in Europe
  • Using modules from the Orchestra eHealth Suite, the hospital operator has developed a pioneering architecture with the objective of getting their yearly approx. 15 million patients actively involved in digital treatment processes
  • Patients can provide anamnesis information prior to hospital visits, and access their clinical data through a Mobile App during and after staying in the hospital
  • Data protection and data security played a pivotal role in implementation


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Logo von Helios

Helios Kliniken GmbH

"Digitization is moving forward, and we adjust our IT-infrastructure to enable the electronic collaboration between patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals across the healthcare communities. Our technical solution is the Helios.bridge which is currently implemented by us based on IHE-Technology"

Jörg Reschke,