Staff scheduling

Making complex things simple and presenting the content in an understandable way

Duty scheduling and time management module VIVENDI® PEP is the software solution for targeted and cost-optimised staff deployment. Many convenient and flexible functionalities support planning and implementation of modern working time models, considering the requirements of collective agreements and labour law. Thanks to automated and parallel time account management, even most complex working time models become more transparent and are always user-friendly. VIVENDI® PEP is specially tailored to your individual needs and designed for use in the complex labour law environment of health and social services.


Duty scheduling: Needs-based and employee-oriented

  • Different planning levels (for example, preliminary plan, target plan, actual plan)
  • Freely definable planning periods
  • Flexible roster layouts
  • Possibility for approval, determination and conclusion (also per employee/day)
  • Individual duty rosters/frameworks per employee
  • Desired service registration
  • Multiple services can be mapped per employee/day
  • Quick change function
  • Cross-day duty scheduling possible
  • Planning assistance through automatic checking function of both legal and individual rules
  • Qualitative, quantitative and time-precise occupation tests
  • Posts plan with overview of vacant, occupied and overstaffed posts
  • Support in the search for a replacement by displaying free and suitable employees
  • Comfortable vacation and absence management with direct roster coupling
  • Simulation of what-if scenarios without influencing the real plans

Master data: Easy to record - versatile in use

  • Digital personnel file with intuitive entry
  • Import/export via CSV document
  • Comprehensive master data management for all VIVENDI® modules
  • Flexible recording of services, duty rosters, tasks, special times, etc.
  • Any number of contractual provisions
  • Representation of extensive structures of areas
  • Integrated applicant management
  • Posts plan with an overview of vacant, occupied and overstaffed posts for optimum management of human resources


VIVENDI® PEP — Basic functions

Simple workflows - paperless - from applicant to employee

The duty roster is required to contain all necessary information, save costs and time, present complex working time models transparently and be easy to use. This is exactly where the strength of VIVENDI® PEP lies: complex things are prepared in a simple and understandable way, automated and presented in a clear and intelligent way. The roster planner plans simply and is automatically alerted by the system to AZG/AZR limits or over- or under-planning including employee qualification. This is how rosters work today.


  • Legally compliant accounting
  • Automatic calculation of bonuses and allowances
  • Traceable bookings (verifiability per working day)
  • Definable averaging periods
  • Manual correction option
  • Cancellation function


Rights management

  • Hierarchical client / department management
  • Possibility for Active Directory integration
  • Freely designable user/role administration
  • Detailed assignment of rights per user group


    • Development of individual/bidirectional interfaces possible

    Standard import/export from/to common systems

    • Payroll accounting (e.g. BMD, SAP, LOGA, SAGE DPW etc.)
    • School administration (SMSprofessional, etc.)
    • Personnel master data
    • Balances
    • Absences
    • Cost center assignment
    • Regular working hours
    • Holiday entitlements
    • Employment dimensions
    • Occupation/qualification assignment



    • Evaluation of all master data in list form
    • Approx. 100 standard reports are included (e.g. default statistics, individual billing, etc.)
    • Export and printing of all lists/reports as Microsoft Excel or PDF files
    • Flexible reporting (using Report Designer)
    • Development of individual reports on request


        • Multi-user capability
        • Freely definable user interfaces/layouts
        • Scheduling with reminder function
        • Detailed change history for optimal traceability
        • Serial letter and form printing function through direct Microsoft Word and PDF control
        • Context-sensitive online help


          VIVENDI® PEP — Special functions

          Because your most valuable resource is at stake

          Self service

          VIVENDI® PEP (German)

          SelfService offers your employees access to their personal VIVENDI® PEP data via web browser, regardless of their location. Every employee can view and print out their services and departmental monthly duty rosters, correct master data, view holiday and absence overviews and the holiday allowance, and submit holiday requests. In addition, SelfService enables the recording of working hours (free entry or stamp function). All changes only take effect after approval.

          Training planner

          VIVENDI® PEP (German)

          Training Planner is the appropriate module for comprehensive management of all participants and training information. With VIVENDI® PEP, you can plan training courses centrally, document them in detail, manage and automatically enter them in the duty roster for participating employees. Training documents can be saved directly from the Training Planner and certificates of participation can be generated (e.g. Word form printing) by linking to the central document management.


          Document management/file storage

          With cross-module document management you can manage any files related to employees, applications, training or departments in a database. All documents are automatically stored in the central file repository and assigned to appropriate area. The folder structure, according to which you organize documents, is freely definable. Not only correspondence, but also evaluations and duty rosters can be stored in the central file repository and can be accessed at any time. Thanks to the Microsoft Word and PDF connection, templates can be created quickly, forms filled in, letters created in serial printing and saved automatically.

          Applicant management

          You can record everything about the applicant from receipt of the application to interview and the hiring process. After the application phase, you can turn an applicant into an employee at the click of a mouse - no need to enter data again. With the application service you can optimise this process: it is your link between your web-based recruitment platforms and VIVENDI®. Create job offers. Link them to job exchanges. Conveniently download the received applications and transfer them directly as applicants to VIVENDI® PEP.


          Time sheets

          Thanks to time sheets, the actual times are always up-to-date - without any manual entries in the duty roster. Actual times can be recorded either in the duty roster, with VIVENDI® Mobil, via SelfService or using time recording terminals (e.g. from Kaba or Data-fox). Employees record their comings and goings independently, including breaks, visits to authorities or doctor appointments. Times appear directly in the duty roster and can be transferred (corrected if necessary) to the actual schedule. It is also possible to transfer times from several locations to a central duty roster.



          Your advantages

          • Intuitive interface, simple to use
          • Depiction of all health insurance and pension information and particular notes
          • High level of automation (takes into account labour law stipulations with note, over- or under-planning by employee qualification, etc.)
          • Highly integrable with other systems (SAP, BMD, etc.)
          • Smart exchange with other VIVENDI® modules (automatic determination of care requirements, messenger, mobile time recording, etc.)
          • Extensive evaluation and statistics options
          • Mobile and platform-independent (optimized for smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC)
          • Expert management (by telephone hotline and email) with ticket system and quick response times
          • Update policy: As a customer you are always entitled to the latest version (excluding service charges for installation)
          • Monthly release cycles due to agile software development (in Germany)