Michaela Winkler of x-tention Austria gave a presentation on patient empowerment at the Forum Spital 2022 event as part of the Digital Transformation in Hospitals conference. She concluded that including patients proactively is both necessary and in keeping with the times.

The majority of people already use digital aids in the form of apps and wearables, routinely managing their own healthcare. It is generally agreed that these digital devices provide added value for prevention, diagnosis and treatment, so the healthcare system is already undergoing a digital transformation. Digitalization and integration are key, not only for mapping processes electronically, but also when developing innovative treatment concepts. With more and more cutting-edge digital interventions available, we are seeing completely new treatment options, which may contribute to more out-patient approaches.

Connecting the wide range of digital solutions interoperably in a secure, confidential environment and linking them closely with service providers’ existing systems is the key to creating considerable added value for all those involved – for patients, but above all for those treating them. And that can all be achieved using a patient portal. Medical professionals can improve how they personalize patient treatments and enhance them with digital offerings – before admission, during treatment and as part of follow-up care. Patients themselves have control over their healthcare data and are empowered to share it securely and easily with those treating them.

This is already being implemented in real life in Germany, where x-tention is currently setting up an extensive digital patient platform for several large hospital operators.

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Vortrag mit Michaela Winkler
Michaela Winkler, x-tention Österreich // FOTOS: ©Interfoto


Forums Spital 2022
x-tention Managing director Wolfgang Pramendorfer at the Forum Spital 2022 // ©Interfoto


Michaela Winkler und Wolfgang Pramendorfer
Michaela Winkler and Wolfgang Pramendorfer // ©Interfoto



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