Visit planner and contact tracing

The VIVENDI® visit planner makes it easy for a patient’s relatives to request visits online. Their requests are stored centrally and can be viewed in a user-friendly format. Staff at the institution can respond to them online too, so they no longer need to make new arrangements for each visit; they can organize all of the visits in a time-saving and flexible manner.
With the VIVENDI® visit planner you can confirm a visit request straightaway or propose a new date and time. You can specify visiting times and locations, and these options will be immediately available online for users. You can send important documents, such as hygiene guidelines or a short health screening questionnaire, as attachments. You can also set how long the visit may last and the maximum number of visitors, as well as specifying how far in advance you would like the request submitting. This helps you make any necessary arrangements early on and ensures that the visit can go ahead with the utmost safety. The visit planner is connected to the VIVENDI® software range so a visitor’s contact details can be linked to the patient in question.


(Photo: Connext GmbH)

NEW: Contact tracing with BLE integration

We have collaborated with Clinaris GmbH to implement a social distancing warning system in the new visit planner, giving institutions a more effective system to track chains of infection. So how does it work?

If a predefined safety distance is undercut, the BLE transponder vibrates. (Photo: Connext GmbH)












When a visitor arrives at the institution, they receive a transmitter featuring Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology that gauges how close the visitor is to others and for how long. The device vibrates to warn them if they are closer than the predefined safety distance, which is usually 1.5 metres for coronavirus-related social distancing. In the event of an infection, those who came into contact with the infected person can be quickly identified and contacted up to three weeks after their visit. A summary of all this information can be viewed on the visit planner dashboard. Contact tracing helps you to protect your employees, patients and visitors and allows you to provide your health authority with a full record of visits to your institution.

The BLE wristband can be worn comfortably even over longer periods of time. (Photo: Connext GmbH)












A service provided by the VIVENDI® Assist plattform
The new web-based visit planner is a service provided by the VIVENDI® Assist platform and runs seamlessly on web browsers, whether on smartphone, tablet or desktop. The service is free of charge and can be used with or without a VIVENDI®-Assist-user account.


COVID template pack

If you want to know more about our COVID template pack, you can find out all about it on our partner’s website: Connext.


VIVENDI® Text & Tabellen module

Do you need to quickly draft a letter or calculate a quote? You don’t always need all-inclusive word processing and spreadsheet software to do that. Most office tasks can be handled by one tool with just the essential functions. The new VIVENDI® Text & Tabellen module provides exactly this kind of support for your daily office tasks. It uses smart technology to integrate with the VIVENDI® database, allowing you to always keep track of contracts, lists and your everyday correspondence. You can also link it to other local or cloud-based storage systems, the choice is yours.

Designed to save you money
You can access both functions in VIVENDI® NG, PD and PEP modules, and the word processing function is currently available in PD Web. And the best part is that VIVENDI® is the only software you need for your day-to-day office tasks, saving you money on additional expensive and locally installed tools.


Benefits at a glance

•    Use it with VIVENDI® NG, PD, PEP and PD Web
•    It is integrated with the VIVENDI® database
•    Open and edit common file formats (.doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf, .epub, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, etc.)
•    No need to install extra tools locally
•    It goes perfectly with cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite


Note about funding for digitalization projects in Austria

The Austrian Municipal Investment Act 2020 (Kommunalinvestitionsgesetz) makes provisions for awarding grants to support investments in digitalization at retirement homes, preschools and schools by up to 50%.
There are other possible sources of funding for digitalization projects from Austria’s national promotional bank (Austria Wirtschaftsservice – AWS), the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (Forschungsfördergesellschaft – FFG) and the Austrian Science Fund (Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung – FWF).

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass im Zuge des Kommunalen Investitionsgesetzes 2020, Investitionen in Digitalisierung bei Seniorenheimen, Kindergärten und Schulen mit bis zu 50% gefördert werden.
Beachten Sie auch mögliche Digitalisierungsförderungen des AWS (Austria Wirtschaftsservice), der FFG (Österreichische Forschungsfördergesellschaft) oder des FWF (Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung).

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