Cutting-edge IT technology and services are pivotal for your company’s success. Beyond core quali-tative aspects such as stability and availability, tailored planning and reliable execution are also deci-sive factors in IT projects. x-tention offers the following services to support your forward-thinking, state-of-the-art operation management:

  • Data centre operation: We bring long-standing experience and expertise in operating both our own data centres and those of our clients, and we guarantee top performance and per-manent availability of your system landscape.
  • Managed services: We operate your IT services expertly and securely. If requested, we can install the virtual infrastructure and IT services using highly automated processes. We moni-tor and manage your IT services professionally during operation and ensure smooth patch and release management.
  • Client services: We take care of the planning, implementation and operation of your entire client infrastructure and create standards for the hardware and software to be used.
  • Application operation: Our experts have many years of experience and expertise in the health and social care system. A team of IT and software specialists takes care of the ongo-ing, uninterrupted application operation at your institution.
  • Service desk: Our service desk is the single point of contact for your employees and end us-ers. Our highly trained staff are always on hand to provide expert help to answer your ques-tions and solve your problems.
  • Collaboration solutions:  Our collaboration solutions allow your team to work together effi-ciently and flexibly in a secure and powerful infrastructure environment. You will see the benefits as your staff become more motivated and your business processes more stable and productive.
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