We develop SAP add-ons for the hospital information system i.s.h.med. Reusable Communication Components (RCC) are an extensive library of reusable i.s.h.med MCI components. They are the basis for the most common specifications and are used to create the most common interfaces quickly and easily. This add-on is used to connect subsystems using the HL7v2 standard and considerably re-duces the time and effort required to implement and maintain the interfaces.

The adaptor for the telematics infrastructure is Orchestra OmniConnect (OOC). OmniConnect creates a foundation for connecting i.s.h.med institutions with the various specialized applications of the telematics infrastructure, in line with the Electronic Patient Record (ePA) as laid down in paragraph 341 SGB V: 

  • The ePA itself, which enables service providers and patients to make documents available to each other using a document management system.
  • Emergency Data Management (NFDM) for creating emergency data records with the option of storing them on the electronic health card and in the ePA.
  • The Electronic Medication Plan (EMP), which contains a structured overview of the medica-tion a patient is currently taking.
  • Another specialized application is Communication in the Medical Sector (KIM). KIM allows service providers, medical institutions and funding organizations to communicate with each other by email while maintaining confidentiality and data integrity (e.g. electronic doctor’s letter, electronic notification).

The add-on for integration with the Orchestra eHealth Suite (OEHS) is nearly ready for release and will include the following components:

  • Online appointment scheduling using established planning processes and functions (plan-ning board) 
  • Member onboarding integrated with the admission process (link between user and patient identity) 
  • Integration with treatment processes (pre-filled medical history questionnaires, for instance as part of online appointment scheduling)

As a complete solutions provider we offer optimized end-to-end process support with our SAP add-ons.

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