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Are you prepared for the NIS Regulations and GDPR?

x-tention helps you to implement concrete recommendations for action and measures, based on your health check. With the establishment of a comprehensive information security or data protection management system (ISMS or DSMS), legal and standard requirements can be implemented. Particularly compliance with requirements from the NIS directive for operators of "critical infrastructures" (KRITIS) as well as measures for protection of personal data from the basic data protection regulation (GDPR) can be mapped quickly and easily.


With the complete template package from x-tention to an ISMS/a DSMS in two steps.

x-tention's tried and tested complete package of templates consists of pre-formulated text modules, ready-made process sequences and process descriptions as well as checklists, training concepts and much more. x-tention supports you optimally in the successful introduction and ongoing operation of an information security or data protection management system.


Now also available in English!




Step 1: Fill in the templates

As a basis for the introduction of an ISMS or DSMS in your organisation, you will receive a complete template package that is tailored to the healthcare sector. In addition, the experts from x-tention will be happy to assist you in filling in the templates.




Step 2: Implement management system

With the filled in documents, you can immediately introduce the ISMS or DSMS and implement guidelines, processes and specifications during operation.


Vorlagenbeispiel ISMS-Richtlinien
Extract from the information security guideline (German)


"We help you to build a practical ISMS/DSMS - you save time and money".

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  • Our templates contain experience from almost 10 years of certified ISMS operation.
  • Text modules and contents are extensively pre-formulated and commented.
  • Experts with well-founded know-how from health and social services are at your side.
  • Significant time saving and effort reduction in ISMS setup.
  • Perfect basis for an ISO/IEC 27001 certification
  • A successful proof as per § 8a BSIG.
  • No special software necessary - you only need Microsoft Office.
Titelbild ISMS
Brochure Setting up an ISMS in a hospital