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We draw on our many years of expertise in clinical processes and workflows to support you, focusing on the hospital information system SAP IS-H/CERNER in particular.

You benefit from comprehensive support in individual projects. We start by analysing your current status and finding out your requirements, then we draw up a technical concept and customize or develop enhancements to your specifications. In the final stage we run tests, train your users and provide support as the software goes live and becomes part of your routine operations.

If you need additional helpline and support services once our xt add-on has gone live, we can offer them as part of our x-tention

We always take into account users’ wishes and requirements in our consulting services. At the same time, we see it as our role to help optimize your clinical processes, working with you to identify weaknesses so that we can deliver the best possible results. You will benefit from our many years of experience in hospital environments, which is enhanced by x-tention group’s expertise in this area too.

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Interface projects to integrate subsystems

We are experts when it comes to integrating subsystems via standard interfaces (HL7, IHE, FHIR), and we provide solution packages for the most common communication scenarios (LINK to RCC solution packages). We offer a complete IT solution comprising our SAP add-on RCC (LINK to RCC product), which provides specific MCI transformers and connectors for the various use cases, as well as tailored consulting as you implement communication processes.

If you use the Orchestra communication server, you can benefit from our OCI add-on  that allows you to integrate Orchestra and SAP in a combined system.







Additional areas

Even if interfaces are not the main focus of your project, we are happy to help you take a big-picture view and use our expertise to support you in the following areas as part of an integrated approach:

  • Introducing clinical orders for diagnostics and treatment, including consulting on replacing older requirements, developing an optimum application workflow, taking into account status network, authorizations, mandatory fields and the use of order components in the clinical order 
  • Managing appointments and introducing planning systems for consultation times; optimizing admission and appointment notification processes plus optimizing and implementing surgery planning and surgery documentation
  • Integrating an external referral letter service (KaRoAss) as a basis for extracting structured data, e.g. in the form of a CDA document, which will become increasingly necessary in the future


Your advantages:

  • Many years of experience with IS-H/, combined with extensive and varied expertise from the other x-tention group companies
  • Interface projects from a single source: RCC and OCI in perfect harmony, including process optimization consulting for implementing this type of interface
  • Quick availability and rapid rollout of HL7 standard interfaces, including complete documentation of the HL7 profile, e.g. as a starting point for subsystem developers
  • Project sustainability and longevity, focusing on harmonization, standardization and reusability
  • Evaluate development requirements for additional customer-specific programming in line with best practices; add frequently repeated developments to the xt standard and roll out as a product add-on