Orchestra Communication Interface (OCI) for i.s.h.med MCI contains components to connect MCI and Orchestra via a standardised interface and to optimise operation as a network system. This makes it possible to monitor communication processes across systems and to track messages in i.s.h.med - from their creation in i.s.h.med to the transfer point or from acceptance to posting.


The perfect addition to MCI

Orchestra - an external communication server - takes care of coordination and distribution tasks, performs format conversions and buffers incoming messages for the duration of maintenance windows. Due to its excellent RFC integration, Orchestra is ideally suited for use with i.s.h.med.


ishmed OCI


Open interfaces of the Orchestra runtime environment and the standardisation of configuration and logging by i.s.h.med MCI lay the foundation for i.s.h.med OCI. This simplifies and unifies the integration of i.s.h.med MCI and Orchestra.



Your advantages

  • Direct communication via RFC eliminates error sources
  • Accelerated processing: High-volume message transmission with low latency
  • Preservation of system resources
  • Significant simplification in the implementation of interfaces through the possibility of designing communication processes as scenarios in Orchestra Designer and testing them under production-like conditions