The Message Communication Infrastructure (MCI) provides optimum support for communication processes in the Cerner clinical information system 


ishmed MCI


MCI consulting
We offer MCI process consulting tailored specifically to your communication processes. In a typical interface project, we start by analysing your current status and identifying your requirements. Then we design a technical concept describing how to best implement your interface specifications, drawing on all the benefits of our overall concept.


MCI workshop
Our experience has shown that it is helpful to hold an MCI workshop for all stakeholders. In the workshop we work with you to lay the foundations for a common understanding, creating a basis for future interface projects. The target group for the MCI workshop includes both SAP administrators and application support specialists/developers. 

We provide suitable MCI processes as part of the xt add-on RCC so that you can send ADT, MDM, ORU or ORM messages, for example. 

If it becomes clear that you require customer-specific developments, we will be happy to perform a gap analysis and create a technical implementation concept for you. Our development team will then work on the customer-specific enhancements

Your advantages

  • Considerably less effort required to create interfaces: standard HL7 profiles are ready to use straightaway
  • More flexible design and adjustment options: modular configuration based on reusable components
  • Free choice of communication channels: even data records can be sent directly and don't have to be part of batch jobs
  • Independent of transferred content and formats
  • Supports query scenarios as well as one-way send/receive processes
  • Easier maintenance
  • Consistent logging and monitoring by using one channel for everything