Master Patient Index

Identify and link patient data across institutions

The Master Patient Index module creates the prerequisites for exchanging medical data between institutions. It is a central component of any future-oriented eHealth strategy. Using a powerful matching algorithm, the module compares master data from different systems, links related patient data under a central, unique patient number and creates a reference patient. The Master Patient Index can reduce duplicates, enables the creation of cross-institutional patient files, support cross-institutional processes and improve billing quality. The integration into existing system environments is easy via standardised interfaces based on HL7 or IHE integration profiles.


Patient Quality Manager

Tool for checking and optimising assignment results

The Patient Quality Manager module provides a graphical user interface for checking and manual assignment of patient master data, whose correspondence with the master data of similar patients is too small for automated linking. Task lists give you a quick overview of pending assignment tasks and enable you to compare corresponding patient master data easily and efficiently. You can use statistics to continuously check and improve the quality of data and assignments. The module offers extensive configuration tools that can be used to optimise the matching algorithm to meet the needs of individual customers.


Provider Directory

Directory service for consolidated service provider and organisational data

The Provider Directory module is a central directory of all service providers and organisations and their relationships. By using powerful algorithms, multiple entries can be identified and linked. Especially when integrating local systems from different institutions, the automatic generation of a unique provider identity represents an important added value for cross-institutional use of provider data. Standardized interfaces based on HL7 or IHE integration profiles allow storage, retrieval and export of service provider and organisational information. The creation of digital proof of identity (tokens) and their enrichment with associated service provider data creates a central, cross-institutional authentication service.

Provider Quality Manager

Administration and consolidation of service provider master data

The Provider Quality Manager module provides a graphical user interface that allows managing and manually assigning service providers whose matching data is not sufficient for automated linking. The Provider Quality Manager provides an overview of existing, merged service provider identities and proposes suitable candidates for manual assignment. This creates a central directory with the highest possible data quality.