EPD+ Connector

We connect you to the EPD

In April 2017, the law on electronic patient files (EPD) was passed by a very large majority in the Swiss parliament. This means that by April 2020 all hospitals, psychiatric and rehabilitation clinics must have been affiliated to a core community and must be prepared to exchange treatment-relevant data. Birth centres and nursing homes are obliged to do so by April 2022.

This requires not only innovative software solutions such as the Health Service Bus, the data hub of Orchestra eHealth Suite, but also professional support for software integration and the connection of primary systems such as HIS, PIS or eArchive and the implementation of B2B processes (EPD additional services). The Orchestra eHealth Suite is a standard software and supports as a data hub and communication server the cross-organisational access to patient information. This makes the data available in real time, for example for specialists and aftercare.

x-tention accompanies you on the way to integration into the electronic patient file EPD and the B2B add-on services. Every year we are at the international IHE Connectathon and national Projectathon in Bern to prove our interoperability. x-tention is also actively involved in sub-projects at eHealth Suisse (BAG) for the electronic patient file EPD. x-tention has many years of experience in system integration and is a consulting and integration partner of the parent communities. As a result it has worked with over 50 satisfied hospitals, psychiatric institutions, rehabilitation clinics, retirement and nursing homes, laboratories and other service providers.

EPD+ Connector



Backup and analysis for Orchestra

ORCA (OrchestraAnalyzer) is a backup and analysis service for your Orchestra installation. Metadata can be collected and analysed. This allows for easier and better monitoring of your systems, abnormal behaviour is detected faster.

Visualization is carried out via the open source tool Grafana:

ORCA Visualisierung

Your advantages

  • Backup: The configuration data of your processes is regularly backed up by us and securely stored in the x-tention data centre. In case of a complete failure of your systems, we are able to quickly restore your Orchestra instance. No data worthy of special protection is transmitted.
  • User interface: We provide you with a user interface for graphical representation of your events and error messages. This allows you to react preemptively before a possible system shutdown occurs. This increases your system reliability.
  • The communication between your instance and our data centre is end-to-end encrypted ( public/private key ) via HTTPS.