Patient Onboarding

Creation of a user account and link to corresponding patient record

With the Patient Onboarding module, patients can easily create user accounts. This enables them to use different services. They can access their data via web-based patient portal and apps. The two-stage self-registration process with email address verification provides required security. After registration, they can link their user account with corresponding electronic patient records across all institutions. Patients can manage their consent for data transfer in the Patient Onboarding module and authorise their apps for data access. Authorisation and authentication of these apps is done via O-Auth2.


Patient Portal

Access for patients to their electronic health record

The Patient Portal module actively integrates patients and their relatives with the treatment team. It provides patients with a view of their medical data such as physician letters, laboratory values or diagnoses in their electronic patient record across all institutions. With the help of a service provider search, patients can quickly find doctors and organisations in their vicinity.