Terminology Server

Management of terminologies and code systems

Terminology Server offers the possibility to manage and query medical terminology and code systems. It provides the basis for a semantically homogenised and integrated system landscape, which can extend over several subsystems. Functions such as version management and the possibility of cross-mapping make everyday medical work easier. Terminology Server works on the basis of the Common Terminology Services 2 standard (HL7 CTS 2) and IHE profile SVS for the import and export of value sets.

Audit Repository

Central data storage for audit logs

Audit Record Repository enables a continuous logging of all transactions performed by the modules of Orchestra eHealth Suite and connected systems. This includes read and write access to patient master data, medical data and documents as well as changes, granting and refusal of access permissions.

The central Audit Repository supports processing of messages according to various audit formats, such as IHE ATNA or HL7 FHIR.