Simple, digital, connected!

Become a part of the networked world of the social sector!

The new VIVENDI® Assist platform is your easy access to the digital, connected and collaborative world of the social sector. It connects facilities, institutions, service providers and the Internet of Things with Vivendi by providing bundled digital services.
This enables cooperation and networking with partners, but also the secure integration of apps, portals, services and devices. With the VIVENDI® Assist platform, you can compile your personal service portfolio online and combine functional modules according to your own needs.

The VIVENDI® Assist platform is cloud-based. This saves computing capacity and ensures a high level of reliability. Because technical innovations are imported centrally, the latest versions are always available to users of all devices. The platform is flexibly scalable and can be combined with other cloud solutions thanks to standard interfaces.

In this way, our VIVENDI® software and the new VIVENDI® Assist platform merge into an innovative solution with which you can use the opportunities of digitalisation for yourself. Even more: Become an active part of the networked world of tomorrow!



The services at a glance

  • The VIVENDI® Assist app for relatives, doctors and clients.
  • For smooth communication with third parties (doctors, nursing and care staff, relatives and the client); freely available in the Google Play Store.
  • Menu service app for clients to order meals independently via smartphone - mobile, at any place and at any time
  • Networking with institutions
  • Connection to portals
  • IoT Connector - interface to the Internet of Things
  • Digital assistants - support thanks to voice control
  • Catalogue services - tariff and service catalogues always up-to-date
  • Cloud backup service - secure and flexible
  • Nextcloud - the collaborative cloud for self-hosting



The platform for the digital age

Whether it's a classic home for the elderly, home nursing, people with disabilities, psychosocial care, palliative care, addiction counselling, youth care or kindergartens - with VIVENDI you can document easily and securely at any time and always have all the information with you. The documentation modules (VIVENDI® NG, VIVENDI® PD, VIVENDI® PD Web, VIVENDI® Mobil) cover all requirements of mobile, outpatient and inpatient social services departments and run on all platforms - if desired, also from our data centre.

Simplify your everyday life with VIVENDI®!


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Ihre Vorteile

  • Niederschwellige Partizipation und Integration aller Stakeholder (Ärzte, Angehörige, Drittfirmen, Anbieter diverser Services,…)
  • Hohe Ergonomie für alle Anwender
  • Maximale IT- Sicherheit (VISA – „VIVENDI® Reisepass“ für die digitale Welt)
  • Berücksichtigung und Erfüllung aller Datenschutzvorgaben
  • Technisch etablierte Plattform mit durchgängigem roten Faden (Pionier und Innovator – VIVENDI® Assist wurde erstmals 2018 vorgestellt)