x-tention completes project with UKH Salzburg, migrating them from Loy & Hutz’s previous product, visualFM, to waveware®. 

In mid-September Salzburg’s accident hospital Unfallkrankenhaus (UKH), belonging to Austria’s General Accident Insurance Institution AUVA, underwent a major project to move its facility, medical and fire protection devices and installations from their previous vFM setup to the new waveware® software. Now all 12 of AUVA’s hospitals and rehabilitation centres work with a common client version of the software.

For the duration of the project, x-tention helped AUVA’s core waveware® team implement cross-facility processes and draw up guidelines. With lots of users working with waveware® in different areas, these guidelines are a useful way of explaining processes clearly, enabling AUVA to train individual members of staff easily and efficiently. If something changes. 


Key project figures:

  • 36,000 devices and installations
  • 16,000 rooms
  • 51,000 appointments
  • 375,000 events
  • 527,000 orders and
  • 955,000 activities

Follow-up project: IT Assets module
As you can use waveware® to manage all data related to daily operations, the first follow-up project is already on the starting blocks. x-tention will roll out the IT Assets module, which can be used to manage all IT hardware, in the coming months. In the meantime, experts are currently ascertaining which devices need to be documented and to what extent. Possible devices include:

  • Computers and printers (inc. IP and MAC addresses and software releases with version numbers)
  • Monitors
  • Telephones (mobile, VoIP, cordless, etc.)
  • Fax machines, photocopiers
  • Routers, switches, servers
  • Dictation devices
  • Projectors, televisions
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