RCC solution packages

When connecting subsystems via standard interfaces, we offer you customised solution packages that cover typical communication scenarios.

Standard project "Replacement of the HCM dispatch" 

SAP IS-H HCM is the historically grown communication standard in the health care system. HCM is not actively developed by SAP and therefore ages in terms of both the techniques used (periodic reports) and the standards supported (HL7). With RCC, we therefore offer a modern successor which, based on i.s.h.med MCI, provides a risk-free and gradual migration of your existing HCM interfaces.
Through a variety of migration projects, you will receive a complete product including maintenance as well as consulting for the introduction and migration of your interfaces. With RCC you communicate your HL7 2.5.1 messages according to the HL7 standard in full and as promptly as possible. For this we use existing SAP tools such as Business Workflow and SAP Business Rules Framework+.
For this purpose we provide you with the following modules:


Standard project ‘Integrate clinical subsystems’

In hospitals many departments typically work with one or more specialist systems developed especially for their particular purpose. These subsystems perform particular tasks and are often highly customized to users’ requirements. 
In a classic scenario, radiology is integrated with a PACS system via its own radiology system (RIS); the lab via its own laboratory information system (LIS), patient catering via its own kitchen system; and the service facilities have numerous technical system solutions, e.g. for gastroenterological or cardiological examinations.
The data collected in these subsystems is initially ‘trapped’ there and is only available in the subsystems themselves. However, an integrated approach to treatment requires interdisciplinary cooperation between the various specialist departments and service facilities. To support this process digitally and provide relevant information, the data from the different subsystems must be made available in a digital format, so the subsystems are connected to the central hospital information system (HIS) via interfaces. 
This service communication process is supported by order submission (clinical service order to the subsystem), the order confirmation (status notification from the subsystem to the HIS) and the transfer of procedures and service codes for accurate code assignment and subsequent billing.

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Standard project ‘Document dispatch/receipt’

We provide a module for receiving (findings) documents that is the perfect addition to communications between service facilities. The module allows you to receive findings from the subsystem following diagnosis (and order confirmation message). The findings can then be transferred directly with reference to the service. Our add-on provides a reusable findings document type (PMD) for that purpose, which you can use right out of the box.

You can also send documents that were originally created in the HIS to subsequent systems using the document dispatch module. If you wish, you can supplement these MDM messages with typical IHE XDS document metadata. The IHE-XDS profiles define an extensive set of metadata (e.g. field, institution type and document type) for describing medical documents. This allows you to display, evaluate and archive data consistently and more effectively in internal and cross-institution record systems.

The following modules are available for this purpose: RCC.drx, RCC.dtu